Video Project #2 – Reflections #ds1064life #ds106!



Well, I can honestly say that the title of this blog does say it all – I needed to find a little fun this summer, and I did… when I stumbled onto a Tweet that somehow led me to ds106 and the rest is history…What a wild ride this has been…and I keep thinking about how I can keep up the momentum in my own life.. one thing I thought about was something like the DailyShoot assignment but for storytelling – Story-A-Day – to get better at stories – I’ve always wanted to write, but always felt blocked when I sat down to do it… so this class really helped to break thru that barrier – just do it!

Yesterday when I went into YouTube, it brought me to this new tools page and I tried the CG animation XtraNormal which allowed me pretty easily to put in dialog and try out some simple motions and sounds – still a lot of work to do – ran out of time (again – argh!) So this is pretty rough, but I liked writing it and thinking about the next part… and wondered if I could keep it up…want to…

Thanks all the participants in ds106, ds107 for the feedback and great ideas… and especially to Jim Groom, Martha Burtis, timmyboy, and Andy Rush for your dedication and enthusiasm – it makes me so happy for you that you have this golden moment in your work group… and a little jealous to be a “one-woman shop”! You can’t generate that kind of energy and excitement alone (without people thinking you are crazy!) Thanks for letting us experience it and bask in the glow! It was absolutely brilliant!  and magnanimous…to allow even the non-credit folks to have feedback and to participate – wow! I am sure that you are all exhausted and ready for a break… but I couldn’t go another moment without being able to say thanks… before I say so long!

With gratitude and admiration!



Video Project: Rough Cut

Where Jim Groom has REALLY been…

While rumors and innuendo have been swirling about Jim Groom’s motives in respect to ds 106/107, about his role in the disappearance of Dr. Oblivion, as well as his current   whereabouts,

I’d like to put this forward for your consideration:
Is it possible to conceive that while things may APPEAR as if Jim has been the bad guy, what if, like Clark Kent in disguise, a superhero has been in our midst all along.

Take a look at a piece of evidence, recently revealed to me ….through sheer coincidence.. I was trying to explain to a friend visiting from out of town what ds106 is all about. I showed her a few videos and projects.

As I wove the tale of deceit and power-mongering, spewing vile comments at Jim Groom and his ilk, I watched her face turn pale
and then ashen as she took my hand and said, “My dear, I believe you have been deceived more than you know. I must show you something. Come with me…”

She then proceeded to show me this film, that was delivered to her newsroom with only this written on the envelope… “Jim Groom is innocent…and now you’ll know the rest of the story…Watch and Weep”…

and you always thought professional wrestling was fake… tisk tisk tisk

If I ever get more time, I would add some sub-title dialog at the end, some music and sound effects, too… also edit the big scene at the end a little – it’s too long… a fun way to spend a too hot Sunday afternoon!

WebStorytelling: To BE a Firebug… or NOT to be a Firebug

Well, sadly, I missed the radio project… but I hope to catch up at some point and try it out!

Was able to catch up with Martha’s and Timmyboy’s presentation on web storytelling using Firebug… OK cool project idea – and it brings home the notion of using something to “Re-tell” or “re-cast” to make a new spin and take a story or design into a new direction…

So Firebug is a new tool for me – as they were presenting, I was practicing and just decided to go with Firebug itself. I changed the story of the website by making it into a site where folks gather who are interested in either fighting fires or in arson detection – I was afraid the FBI would come for me if I made a site that actually promoted arson…which the name evoked immediately – spineless I know and totally out of character of the whole ds 106/107 vibe – sorry folks… but here goes – I had fun looking for links and other stuff..Thanks to Martha Burtis!!! That code did the trick. Muchas gracias!!!!

Original Link – 1.7.3

My WebStory –

screen shot firebug spoof

AudioBookProject: Think Big

I am teaching an academic reading course to college freshmen at a community college this summer and we are reading Ben Carson’s Think Big:Unleashing your Potential for Excellence (Zondervan, 1902). Ben’s model encourages people to “do our best” and “do whatever we can to help others”. He uses an acrostic of THINK BIG to illustrate the qualities of his philosophy… T = Talent…and so on… Anyway, I thought it would be neat to do the audio book to introduce an audio project for students… asking them to look for people in their lives (or in the world or in books) who emulate the qualities of Think Big and put them together into an audio project themselves as a way to help reflect on the reading and extend the meaning…

This is a really rough cut – prototype – of a project intro – I think I’d like them to use meaningful quotes or sections of the book too.

Audio#2 Dickie Goodman

Audio assignment – Interview/Music Mashup
Assignment Author: Laura Blankenship
Description: In the 70s, Dickie Goodman created a series of interviews where the interviewee responded with snippets from popular songs. They were hilarious.

So here’s my attempt…Guess who Mrs. Smith REALLY is 😦

The audio clips came from YouTube: Duffy’s I’m Begging you for Mercy,  Fat Boy Slim’s Weapon of Choice, Julie Andrew’s Favorite Things, and Somewhere over the Rainbow Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

MovieTravelPoster:Discipline of Creative Practice

I keep trying to think about what makes a “story”… One of my favorite all time movies is Cinema Paradiso and I’ve been thinking about this for 2 days.. and my own process…I found a good YouTUbe video that had many of the fav clips in it…and the ones that kept standing out for me were the images of Toto as a boy…so amazing…and I Thought – well, how can I make a travel poster out of this… of course, Italy would be fabulous… but there has to be something more… and this thought made me hit on something I’ve been thinking about lately – as a teacher, trying to get students to go deeper… not that my poster is deep – lol – but the project sent me on a path of thinking about this in a different way… and I think herein lies the beauty/power of these activities – they stand us on our heads – take us out of our comfort zones – either thru the creativity part or the tech part – or both… but then is the opportunity – if we come along for the ride…some new thought that we hadn’t had before…I am profoundly grateful to have had the chance  to play my way into this new discovery…

Here’s the poster – while not significant – either as a visual work – or for its message – but for what it represents to me, the ability as Jim said in a comment to another participant – to take part – to create…the discipline of the creative act…to have had an idea come to you – amazing in and of itself

photo innerchild

Animated gif with GIMP

This animated gif was made with GIMP
Sorry about the size – I skipped a step – working on a netbook and it doesn’t have the power or space to download the software. Because of the size, the original gif takes a long time to load and then show the animation… In the meantime…

My husband had the idea to add Mario Brothers music to it, which I did recording the music from YouTube and Screencast-o-matic – uploaded to Youtube


Audio1:End of the Reign of Man

OK – this was a fun project

Sound Effects Story – Author: Jim Groom – Description: Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds.

So the process was this – went to and saw a clip for “morning in the Forest” and I loved that image, so I started there and then thought, well, what kind of story could go on from there? I heard Gregorian chant.. so I thought, OK, we’re in a monastery… peaceful beginning to the day… tolling bell, calling monks to prayer..a thunderstorm arrives – thunder/lightening – suddenly an alarm sounds… fire trucks, the sound of fire which slowly dies out, returns the forest to the peaceful sound of the birds…

We plan… but then it takes on a life of its own

So… when I imported the audio – it came in all at the same time and the effect was pretty startling – but serendipitous too… I liked it – chaos at the beginning all the sounds at once – slowly dying off, leaving the tolling bells, then just the sound of the birds… and I thought… I like it – signifying the chaos of humanity…and how it might be without all of our mischief-making…

Re-mix from

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