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Double Exposure assignment – in process

Interesting… it made m t hink right away about 2 photos – of my Dad as a young boy and me at about the same age.. 3ish or so… and how much we looked alike! I’d love to see them together or one morph into the next and back and forth…

Assignment #1 – The Big Caption – Who’s Laughing Now? – Assignment: The Big Caption  – Description: In the spirit of take any photo featured on The Big Picture ( and add typographical text elements in a way that changes the message.

Here’s my go at it 🙂

I saw this picture of really happy revelers at Glastonbury Festival – just sheer joy on their faces… and I thought, well this is so straight forward – what if I turned it on its head… what if they weren’t just really cool people having good fun… but something more sinister.. AND with so much trouble in the world and so many wars  etc.. should anyone really be smiling?  OK, lighten up, I know.. but back to the juxtaposition… I started by thinking of the reasons why folks shouldn’t be smiling – or why in reality so many folks are NOT smiling – times are tough! – anyway – so who MIGHT be smiling these days… a-ha…. it came to me…  The text on his shirt was difficult to make readable….

Glastonbury Remix assignment

Getting Started – late to the party!

In preparing for a New Tools workshop next week.. I stumbled upon Dr. Oblivion’s ds106 course which is just what the doctor ordered – something really NEW… and I hope FUN… More later…

My first pic for the daily shoot assignment (all white background) was my Where’s Suzanne door thing – because once again, I am RUNNING to get to the next thing – Will we ever have time to sit, reflect, explore, create – to our heart’s content????

Daily Shoot Assignment very cool creativity tool – Every day The Daily Shoot gives a photo assignment – We are using Flickr to upload, Twitter and tags to post. My photostream

I still can’t figure out how to find other people’s work….best way to track… and comment….


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