AudioBookProject: Think Big

I am teaching an academic reading course to college freshmen at a community college this summer and we are reading Ben Carson’s Think Big:Unleashing your Potential for Excellence (Zondervan, 1902). Ben’s model encourages people to “do our best” and “do whatever we can to help others”. He uses an acrostic of THINK BIG to illustrate the qualities of his philosophy… T = Talent…and so on… Anyway, I thought it would be neat to do the audio book to introduce an audio project for students… asking them to look for people in their lives (or in the world or in books) who emulate the qualities of Think Big and put them together into an audio project themselves as a way to help reflect on the reading and extend the meaning…

This is a really rough cut – prototype – of a project intro – I think I’d like them to use meaningful quotes or sections of the book too.


2 thoughts on “AudioBookProject: Think Big

  1. This is by far the best audio project I have listened to. I love how you incorporated MLK’s words into your speech.Thumbs up to you. Any tutorials on how you did it?

    • Hi Abbie,
      Thanks for the thumbs up! I think my students would really enjoy doing this kind of project after reading the book, so I am excited. I kept it pretty simple – I just got all the you tube’s lined up at the places where I wanted them… Opened up Audacity – recorded my section and hit pause… then opened up you tube, hit play, and then hit pause again in AUdacity to begin recording again at the points I wanted – and just repeated that process… Now I know this isn’t the best technical way to get best sound quality – I think Jim Groom gave a very good description in his sound effects story about bring sounds in as separate tracks so you could optimize the audio in each… probably a much better way to go! Thanks for taking the time to give some feedback. I appreciate it.

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