Video Project #2 – Reflections #ds1064life #ds106!



Well, I can honestly say that the title of this blog does say it all – I needed to find a little fun this summer, and I did… when I stumbled onto a Tweet that somehow led me to ds106 and the rest is history…What a wild ride this has been…and I keep thinking about how I can keep up the momentum in my own life.. one thing I thought about was something like the DailyShoot assignment but for storytelling – Story-A-Day – to get better at stories – I’ve always wanted to write, but always felt blocked when I sat down to do it… so this class really helped to break thru that barrier – just do it!

Yesterday when I went into YouTube, it brought me to this new tools page and I tried the CG animation XtraNormal which allowed me pretty easily to put in dialog and try out some simple motions and sounds – still a lot of work to do – ran out of time (again – argh!) So this is pretty rough, but I liked writing it and thinking about the next part… and wondered if I could keep it up…want to…

Thanks all the participants in ds106, ds107 for the feedback and great ideas… and especially to Jim Groom, Martha Burtis, timmyboy, and Andy Rush for your dedication and enthusiasm – it makes me so happy for you that you have this golden moment in your work group… and a little jealous to be a “one-woman shop”! You can’t generate that kind of energy and excitement alone (without people thinking you are crazy!) Thanks for letting us experience it and bask in the glow! It was absolutely brilliant!  and magnanimous…to allow even the non-credit folks to have feedback and to participate – wow! I am sure that you are all exhausted and ready for a break… but I couldn’t go another moment without being able to say thanks… before I say so long!

With gratitude and admiration!