Audio#2 Dickie Goodman

Audio assignment – Interview/Music Mashup
Assignment Author: Laura Blankenship
Description: In the 70s, Dickie Goodman created a series of interviews where the interviewee responded with snippets from popular songs. They were hilarious.

So here’s my attempt…Guess who Mrs. Smith REALLY is 😦

The audio clips came from YouTube: Duffy’s I’m Begging you for Mercy,  Fat Boy Slim’s Weapon of Choice, Julie Andrew’s Favorite Things, and Somewhere over the Rainbow Israel Kamakawiwo’ole


One thought on “Audio#2 Dickie Goodman

  1. I love this, you turned it into a moment for yourself. Brilliant. Now one thing with the audio is it is pretty low, you you are probably catching the songs off the computer as they play through your speakers. I would see if you couldn’t use something like or download helper for firefox an download a few of these short clips and bring them right in so they sound sharper. One of the reasons I like folks to experiment with this one is that they get comfortable working with a wide range of clips.

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