Video Project: Rough Cut

Where Jim Groom has REALLY been…

While rumors and innuendo have been swirling about Jim Groom’s motives in respect to ds 106/107, about his role in the disappearance of Dr. Oblivion, as well as his current¬†¬† whereabouts,

I’d like to put this forward for your consideration:
Is it possible to conceive that while things may APPEAR as if Jim has been the bad guy, what if, like Clark Kent in disguise, a superhero has been in our midst all along.

Take a look at a piece of evidence, recently revealed to me ….through sheer coincidence.. I was trying to explain to a friend visiting from out of town what ds106 is all about. I showed her a few videos and projects.

As I wove the tale of deceit and power-mongering, spewing vile comments at Jim Groom and his ilk, I watched her face turn pale
and then ashen as she took my hand and said, “My dear, I believe you have been deceived more than you know. I must show you something. Come with me…”

She then proceeded to show me this film, that was delivered to her newsroom with only this written on the envelope… “Jim Groom is innocent…and now you’ll know the rest of the story…Watch and Weep”…

and you always thought professional wrestling was fake… tisk tisk tisk

If I ever get more time, I would add some sub-title dialog at the end, some music and sound effects, too… also edit the big scene at the end a little – it’s too long… a fun way to spend a too hot Sunday afternoon!