WebStorytelling: To BE a Firebug… or NOT to be a Firebug

Well, sadly, I missed the radio project… but I hope to catch up at some point and try it out!

Was able to catch up with Martha’s and Timmyboy’s presentation on web storytelling using Firebug… OK cool project idea – and it brings home the notion of using something to “Re-tell” or “re-cast” to make a new spin and take a story or design into a new direction…

So Firebug is a new tool for me – as they were presenting, I was practicing and just decided to go with Firebug itself. I changed the story of the website by making it into a site where folks gather who are interested in either fighting fires or in arson detection – I was afraid the FBI would come for me if I made a site that actually promoted arson…which the name evoked immediately – spineless I know and totally out of character of the whole ds 106/107 vibe – sorry folks… but here goes – I had fun looking for links and other stuff..Thanks to Martha Burtis!!! That code did the trick. Muchas gracias!!!!

Original Link – http://getfirebug.com/firstrun#Firebug 1.7.3

My WebStory – http://www.personal.psu.edu/scs15/ds106/FireBugProject7.html

screen shot firebug spoof



8 thoughts on “WebStorytelling: To BE a Firebug… or NOT to be a Firebug

  1. “Only you can prevent forest fires!” I love how you played off of the FireBug name- especially with the inclusion of Smokey Bear.

    The only critique I have is that it’s really hard to read the smaller text.

    • Hey Chelsea, I just wanted to mention b/c I meant to say it yesterday that if you see these assignments and the image seems small, click through to the larger version and then click again. Your browser should zoom in then and show you it in a large enough size to read all the text. 🙂

  2. I left you a comment on Twitter about this — for the HTML version you basically need to add a special tag to the section of the page: In a nutshell, the original page you worked with uses relative links to reference the stylesheets (which govern the images and the actual layout/styles of the page). Since your page isn’t hosted on the same server, those relative links don’t work. This tag tells the browser to resolve those links relative to http://getfirebug.com. Make sense?

    Add it right below and you should be good to go! Great job, btw. I love the literal interpretation. 🙂

  3. It’s the little touches that make this one, like the big red button that begs for an extinguisher! And I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d love to learn something from “Jimmy the Match” from the community section. Sounds like a mobster almost.

    • Hey Ben,
      I’m so glad you saw that – it cracked me up when I was trying to think of something – I was just getting to listen to your radio show recording a few minutes ago – reminds me so much of A Prairie Home Companion show style – so cool!! You’ve given me more to think about if I ever get a chance to try this project.

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