MovieTravelPoster:Discipline of Creative Practice

I keep trying to think about what makes a “story”… One of my favorite all time movies is Cinema Paradiso and I’ve been thinking about this for 2 days.. and my own process…I found a good YouTUbe video that had many of the fav clips in it…and the ones that kept standing out for me were the images of Toto as a boy…so amazing…and I Thought – well, how can I make a travel poster out of this… of course, Italy would be fabulous… but there has to be something more… and this thought made me hit on something I’ve been thinking about lately – as a teacher, trying to get students to go deeper… not that my poster is deep – lol – but the project sent me on a path of thinking about this in a different way… and I think herein lies the beauty/power of these activities – they stand us on our heads – take us out of our comfort zones – either thru the creativity part or the tech part – or both… but then is the opportunity – if we come along for the ride…some new thought that we hadn’t had before…I am profoundly grateful to have had the chance  to play my way into this new discovery…

Here’s the poster – while not significant – either as a visual work – or for its message – but for what it represents to me, the ability as Jim said in a comment to another participant – to take part – to create…the discipline of the creative act…to have had an idea come to you – amazing in and of itself

photo innerchild


2 thoughts on “MovieTravelPoster:Discipline of Creative Practice

  1. I love the concept here, and I wonder if it doesn’t highlight for me one of the greatest sources of inspiration (and dare I say creativity) for me is nostalgia. That return to my inner child from the 70s and 80s. I wonder how you couldn’t capture that iconically for this poster? That would be fun to try and do, I think an assignment about an iconic thing, image, etc that captures your childhood would be an interesting design assignment. One I would love to try. Hmmmm, an idea?

    • Nice!!!! Yes, I just had one of these moments…visiting a local ice cream shop about an hour ago, there was this little kiddie ride – the kind of thing you see in front of stores – 25 cents for a quick ride – and this one was off in the corner… all beat up… BUT, I recognized it as one I had ridden on – probably 45 years ago!!! It almost took my breath away – as I approached, I kept saying it can’t be the same one…but sure enough, even the leather strap to hold the kid in place – the 25 cent a ride sign – I was SURE of it – it brought such a sense of happiness – I took a little video of it – but it led to a larger conversation about some of the summer things we did every summer and what an overall sense of peace it brought – the power of that nostalgic moment – to re-live it… looking out over the corn fields and getting a glimmer of it…now how to capture that… from a personal moment to a universal one – that is probably where true artistry and genius of creation (or sheer luck) lies.. but something to keep one’s eyes open for…keep me posted if you come up with something – very cool…here’s an idea – maybe if you can’t come up with it universally – perhaps something (like the Frankenstein project) that would capture it within a group of friends or within a family – like what kind of poster could I create for my family that would invoke the kind of nostalgia we would feel towards the beloved annual electrician’s picnic… I am almost giddy thinking about it…hayrides, all the ice cream you can eat, games, cake walk, a prize for EVERY kid! chicken dinner.. running around like mad – totally free to jump on a ride, ride again and again…land of plenty…absolutely awesome!! Thanks Jim, for starting this chain of consciousness

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