WebStorytelling: To BE a Firebug… or NOT to be a Firebug

Well, sadly, I missed the radio project… but I hope to catch up at some point and try it out!

Was able to catch up with Martha’s and Timmyboy’s presentation on web storytelling using Firebug… OK cool project idea – and it brings home the notion of using something to “Re-tell” or “re-cast” to make a new spin and take a story or design into a new direction…

So Firebug is a new tool for me – as they were presenting, I was practicing and just decided to go with Firebug itself. I changed the story of the website by making it into a site where folks gather who are interested in either fighting fires or in arson detection – I was afraid the FBI would come for me if I made a site that actually promoted arson…which the name evoked immediately – spineless I know and totally out of character of the whole ds 106/107 vibe – sorry folks… but here goes – I had fun looking for links and other stuff..Thanks to Martha Burtis!!! That code did the trick. Muchas gracias!!!!

Original Link – http://getfirebug.com/firstrun#Firebug 1.7.3

My WebStory – http://www.personal.psu.edu/scs15/ds106/FireBugProject7.html

screen shot firebug spoof