Animated gif with GIMP

This animated gif was made with GIMP
Sorry about the size – I skipped a step – working on a netbook and it doesn’t have the power or space to download the software. Because of the size, the original gif takes a long time to load and then show the animation… In the meantime…

My husband had the idea to add Mario Brothers music to it, which I did recording the music from YouTube and Screencast-o-matic – uploaded to Youtube



3 thoughts on “Animated gif with GIMP

  1. I love the animated GIF set to the Mario music as a video. WHat a cool aesthetic that is. I am loving the animated GIF cum video. Andy Rush did one here: and Daivd Kernohan turned me onto this yesterday as well:

    Animated GIF videos are the new black!

    And your animated GIF image is way too big as you know, I couldn’t even get it to load and I have a pretty fast network.

    • thanks for the feedback Jim, the tech is slowing me down – but the clock is ticking -so while I feel a little bit guilty for not working it out (tech-wise), I feel a little bit like those folks on the game show where they have a minute to stuff into their shopping carts all the stuff they can… and so I am running down the aisles as fast as I can trying everything out before the bell rings and the 5 weeks are up!! Thanks for your GENEROSITY in including me, even though I am not officially in the class – AWESOME

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