Getting Started – late to the party!

In preparing for a New Tools workshop next week.. I stumbled upon Dr. Oblivion’s ds106 course which is just what the doctor ordered – something really NEW… and I hope FUN… More later…

My first pic for the daily shoot assignment (all white background) was my Where’s Suzanne door thing – because once again, I am RUNNING to get to the next thing – Will we ever have time to sit, reflect, explore, create – to our heart’s content????

Daily Shoot Assignment very cool creativity tool – Every day The Daily Shoot gives a photo assignment – We are using Flickr to upload, Twitter and tags to post. My photostream

I still can’t figure out how to find other people’s work….best way to track… and comment….


assignments –

daily lectures..

ALl the stuff –

1 thought on “Getting Started – late to the party!

  1. Best way to track all the work is to sign-up for a daily digest email from or subscribe the the main hub feed at As far as images on Flickr, you can search by the tag ds106, you’ll find a good amount of stuff there.

    Also, welcome aboard. If you want to have your work syndicate into, go register for an account here: http:/// and add any relevant info as well as an avatar. After that I’ll be sure to pull your work in.

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